Flow Cytometry

The Flow cytometry facility belongs to the Biological Sciences faculty of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and is located in 5th floor of 150 building.

The flow cytometry service of Biological Sciences faculty of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile rise from different laboratory needs inside on the university to analyze different samples through flow cytometry technique, which allows multiparametric analyzes in one big cellular population, being able to analyze different cells types to differences in protein expression on these cells. As sciences are going forward flow cytometry is going forward too, diversifying its uses and now not only you can measure elements in the cells when you have a specific antibody, now you can also use different fluorescents dyes to measure for example oxidative stress or cell proliferation. Furthermore, this service has the possibility to separate different cellular population by its specific characteristics determinate by the researcher, which allows the purification of cell population that express one or another protein or have any characteristic that can be measure by flow cytometry.

The service has three flow cytometers; FACSCalibur, in which is possible analyze 4 parameters simultaneously; FACSCantoII, in which is possible analyze 6 parameters simultaneously; LSR Fortessa X20, in which is possible analyze 16 parameters simultaneously. Additionally, we have a cell sorter FACSAria II, in which is possible to analyze 9 parameters and separate up to 4 populations simultaneously.