Flow cytometry service

The flow cytometry services consist in the use of any of the three flow cytometers, FACSCalibur, FACSCantoII or LSR Fortessa X20, to analyze different samples through flow cytometry techniques accompanied by the service manager. The service is aimed to any researcher who needs analyze any sample by this technique. Is important to mention, that different type of samples could be passed in the flow cytometers, for examples, bacteria, human blood cells, murine cells, vegetal cells, different types of cells lines and beads of different size.

Cell sorting service

This service allows the separation of the different cellular population by its detectable characteristics by flow cytometry. This characteristic let isolate cellular population through its morphological characteristics and also by specific expression of components measure by fluorescence by antibodies or any dye detectable in the cytometer. The most typical example is the separation of transfected cells that express a fluorescent reporter (as GFP) and with this technique separate only the transfected cells. FACSAria II cell sorter is able to separate even 4 populations at the same time and this samples can be used for different purpose as cell culture, protein extraction, RNA and DNA extraction among others.

Typical Cuestions

Only can be used samples stained with fluorescent antibodies?

The flow cytometry allows to measure any fluorescent molecule, this means, that not only antibodies can be used, also can be measured dyes or different components that can be excited by the laser and be detected by the cytometer.


Is possible to measure fluorescent proteins, as GFP?

Indeed, the flow cytometer are capable to measure different fluorescents proteins, is due to the protein characteristics that can be excited by the laser wavelength and can emitted to another wavelength that can be detected by the cytometer. Thus, depends of the protein excitation/emission characteristic to be detected by the flow cytometer.